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Does CBD Oil Make You Hungry?

Does CBD Oil Make You Hungry?

CBD oil has taken the world by storm in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why. After all, this product is widely accepted and used in the wellness space; people are turning to CBD as a safe and natural alternative to conventional OTC supplements. But what makes this product so special?  

Unlike most products that you can find in pharmacies, CBD oil comes from a natural plant source. Its side effects are benign, which also means people can use it without worrying about getting high. 

However, even with all the positive claims about CBD oil, some feel hesitant in using it because of the talks that it does make them feel hungry. To know whether or not this CBD product triggers hunger, continue reading. 


People easily confuse CBD with THC because both can be derived from the plant Cannabis Sativa. They also share the same chemical composition. Perhaps the only significant difference between CBD and THC lies within their chemical structures. 

When these compounds enter the body, they bind with cannabinoid receptors in the brain, affecting our mood, sleep, memory, and how we perceive pain. 

Among the two compounds, THC is more notorious for giving humans this high sensation. On the other hand, CBD is considered a non-intoxicating compound, the exact opposite of THC.  

Now, because THC and CBD can be both extracted from the same source, people think they have the same effects on the body. But the truth is, unlike THC, CBD does not make you high. And its impact on a person’s appetite is different from THC, too. It all comes down to how these compounds interact with the endocannabinoid system. 

How CBD and THC Affect the Appetite 

Aside from making you high, THC can make you feel hungry. It activates the CB1 receptors in the endocannabinoid system by binding with them. These receptors play an integral role in appetite and hunger.  

Many often refer to this sensation of hunger caused by THCs as the “munchies,” where you want to eat more food even if you have just eaten or you aren’t hungry at all.  

CBD has an entirely different effect on the body. It does not make you hungry, but it might make you want to eat. It works by suppressing your appetite by antagonizing the CB1 receptors – the result is less binge-eating. 

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Can You Take CBD to Boost Your Appetite? 

If you are looking for a supplement to boost your appetite, CBD might just be the best option. Many people assume that CBD has the same effect as THC in regards to appetite. But as previously mentioned, both compounds influence appetite in different ways. 

THC makes you hungry by activating the CB1 receptors. As a result, you feel hungry. CBD acts the other way around. It promotes homeostasis, which results in improved gut health and a balanced appetite. This explains why many people who have experienced an illness and want to boost their appetite, give CBD products a try. 

Can CBD Oil Help You Lose Weight? 

Some studies suggest that CBD oil can help in weight loss, but further research is needed to back up claims. Then again, because this compound goes against the CB1 receptors, CBD oil might just help you achieve your weight loss goals by controlling your appetite. 

CBD is also associated with weight loss because it helps alter the body’s fat types. We know that our body is composed of bad and good fats. While the good one makes the skin look firm, the bad fat creates insulation for the body and stores all the junk food you just consumed. CBD oil can convert bad fat into good fat by burning it off as heat. 

CBD oil can also help you achieve quality rest. It interacts with your brain’s receptors, reducing stress. With lesser stress, you can fall asleep faster and get the rest that you deserve. 

Suffice to say, CBD does not directly impact your weight, but it has its ways to help you control or prevent any potential weight gain. 

Can CBD Oil Help Me Achieve My Fitness Goals? 

woman with slim body measuring her waistline and torso

CBD oil can help boost your workout and exercise routine in many ways so that you can achieve your fitness goals more quickly. When taken before a workout, CBD oil can relax the blood vessels and improve blood flow to the muscles. And since the muscles have an increased supply of oxygen throughout the workout, you can stay active for more extended periods without feeling tired. 

After a typical workout, your muscles may feel sore and stiff. CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can help alleviate the pain while also soothing spasms in the affected area.  

Lastly, we all know that sleeping is an essential part of the body’s natural healing process. And when you use CBD oil, you get a good night’s sleep, resulting in a faster recovery from strenuous activities like workouts. 

Is It Normal to Be Hungry After Taking CBD Oil? 

Do you feel hungry after consuming or using CBD oil? Do you eat more or crave food when you use this product? It’s not uncommon for people to experience increased hunger, but it might be due to other factors.  

The most common reason people may get hungry after consuming CBD oil is that they are stressed out. Stress releases cortisol which makes us feel hungrier and want to eat more food.   

Some supplements cause this side effect as well. Fish oil, zinc, and thiamine are just among them. 

Who Should Take CBD Oil and Why? 

So, who can take CBD oil? Is it best taken by people with specific health concerns? 

CBD oil is a type of supplement taken by many to reduce inflammation and physical discomfort. It is not surprising why many users with these health problems are taking it on a regular basis to help alleviate their symptoms. 

However, some people who have weight loss issues are now considering using CBD oil. For them, CBD may supercharge their workout routine. There are many ways to consume CBD oil for better results. They take it orally and apply it to any sore areas of the body after their exercise. They even use it with topical and oral products for the best results. 

The decision on whether or not to use CBD oil for weight loss depends on you. Though more data is needed to support the idea that CBD oil can be taken as an efficient weight loss supplement, it can still be included in a healthy diet plan to reduce problems that could lead to weight loss struggles. 

Final Thoughts: Does CBD Oil Make You Hungry?  

CBD doesn’t make you hungry at all. Instead, it helps prevent overeating and convert bad fat into good. It boosts your exercise routine by allowing for longer workouts with faster recovery, especially when combined with other CBD products.  

Knowing that CBD oil doesn’t get you hungry, should you consume it? Well, it depends on your needs. As you already know, CBD oil offers a plethora of health benefits. And you can enjoy all these benefits without experiencing the munchies or not getting high. But before you even grab a bottle, make sure you know what you are putting into your body. If possible, seek recommendations and advice from experts.