Full Spectrum CBD Oil 2500mg


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Packing in just over 83mg of CBD per serving, Royal CBD’s 2500mg full spectrum CBD oil has been designed for people looking for potent relief – without using half the bottle.

Note: This is our highest potency product with extra strength & effectiveness – resulting in an earthy, botanical taste. Flavoring would make it difficult to reach this level of potency in a 30mL tincture.


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We believe that experiencing high quality CBD oil should be easy.

30 mL (1 oz)


2500 mg

Total CBD

83.3 mg per serving

Amount of CBD


Natural Ingredients



Hemp Oil Extract, MCT oil, Natural Flavors, Terpenes.

Suggested Use

To use this oil, squeeze the dropper to fill it up with oil. Adjust the amount of oil you use to your preferred level. Squeeze the oil out of the dropper under your tongue. Once there, hold it for about 60 seconds, then swallow.

The oil will absorb through sublingual membranes in your mouth. This makes the effects of the CBD oil appear faster — usually within about 10 minutes.

Product Details

This 2500 mg CBD oil is the strongest CBD oil in our pure CBD oils line up.

This is a full-spectrum extract — meaning that you’re getting the entire range of synergistic cannabinoids and terpenes from the leaves and flowers of our organic hemp plants — not just CBD.

Studies have shown these cannabinoids, along with other molecules like terpenes and phytosterols provide better effects together than in isolation — a concept known commonly as the entourage effect.

Our oil has been carefully crafted using top-shelf hemp flower and high-tech extraction equipment such as supercritical CO2. This allows us to obtain potent extracts free of residual solvents and potential toxins like pesticides, heavy metals, and other common contaminants.

This is how premium CBD oils should be made.

CBD oil is a great all-around nutritional supplement that comes with an unbelievably wide range of health benefits.

Royal CBD oils are formulated to help you enhance your well-being with safe and natural resources — using only premium ingredients and safe extraction methods.

We test our hemp for its CBD content and purity levels at all stages of development. Our plants are grown by American farmers who use natural farming methods.

This 2500 mg full-spectrum CBD oil is highly bioavailable, easy to use, and offers the highest concentration of CBD of all our products.