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What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

Want to try CBD oil, but worried it might taste like dirt?

If you’ve never tried CBD oil before, you might be wondering what it tastes like. People often assume it tastes the way a cannabis plant smells, with a strong, skunky odor that’s tough to swallow.

While unflavored CBD oil can have an earthy flavor, there are different types of CBD oil that you can get that taste like nothing at all. Others have flavoring added to make it more palatable.

If you’re worried about spending your hard-earned dollars on something you can’t tolerate stomaching, we can relate.

So, we’ve prepared some tips on how to find a CBD solution that you’re sure to enjoy.

What Most CBD Oil Tastes Like

Most people describe CBD oil as having a grassy flavor. If you like greens, earthy flavors, and things that have a bit of a bite like dark chocolate, then you’ll probably appreciate unflavored CBD oil.

Though the majority of people find it tolerable, very few would describe it as delicious or a flavor they would seek out if they weren’t looking for the benefits of CBD. Notice that we said, “very few.” There is a segment of the population that savors the taste of natural, highly concentrated CBD. It’s all a matter of preference, and if you like earthy flavors, then you’ll probably love most CBD oils.

One of the most common complaints about unflavored, high-concentration CBD oil is that it can be somewhat bitter. Since we recommend that you keep CBD oil under your tongue for a minute or two to reap maximum absorption benefits, this can be an issue for people who genuinely don’t like the taste.

Keep reading, though. We’ve got some tips and alternatives to make this experience more tolerable, and even downright pleasant.

Tips on Finding a CBD Oil You Like

So, how do you find a CBD oil that suits your taste profile? Here’s a basic rundown of the items to keep in mind:

  • Consider the carrier oil
  • Start with lower concentrations
  • Choose flavored CBD oil
  • Combine it with food or beverage items that you like
  • Opt for gummies or capsules

Choosing a Carrier Oil

Because CBD is combined with a food-grade carrier oil, it will often take on the flavor of the oil it’s combined with. The most common carrier oils are:

  • Hemp seed oil – this oil has a nutty flavor, reminiscent of walnuts or sunflower seeds. If you’re mixing this CBD oil with dressings or dips, you’ll probably enjoy this flavor. However, we don’t recommend it for people who prefer sweet or subtle flavors.
  • Coconut oil – when coconut oil is refined, it has almost no flavor and serves as a neutral base. The natural flavor of the CBD oil takes the main stage.
  • MCT oil – because MCT oil has virtually no taste or smell, it’s what we use for our carrier oil. It doesn’t affect the natural flavor of CBD, and it won’t conflict our mint and citrus varieties, either. It’s health benefits aren’t too shabby, either.
  • Olive oil – expect more earthy flavors when olive oil is listed as the carrier oil. It can be overwhelming, especially in lower concentration CBD tinctures.

If you’re concerned about unnecessary or conflicting flavors in your CBD oil, look for brands that list MCT oil or coconut oil.

CBD Oil with No Taste

Lower concentrations of CBD have no taste, at least in the Royal CBD line of products. If you opt for Royal CBD’s 250mg or 500mg concentrations, they won’t taste like anything at all.

If you choose our higher 1,000 mg concentration in the natural flavor, then you can expect a slight botanical flavor, but it’s still very easy to stomach. There are even multiple flavor options available in our 1000mg concentration to increase palatability!

Choose Flavored CBD Oil to Mask the Earthiness

Royal CBD comes in three flavor varieties: natural (unflavored), mint, and citrus. While our natural, unflavored version is subtle and not bitter at all, we also understand that some people don’t want any earthiness in their mouths. Our mint and citrus flavors are light and refreshing.

Combining CBD Oil with Food or Drinks

If you’d prefer not to consume CBD oil on its own, you can combine it with food or beverages that you enjoy. There are also some CBD-infused recipes you can find online.

Some popular choices include:

  • Mints or gum. Put one of these items in your mouth before putting the drops under your tongue. The strong minty flavor will overpower the CBD oil, so you won’t notice the taste. Even after you’ve held the tincture in your mouth for the optimal amount of time, the mint or gum should still camouflage any CBD flavor.
  • Mix with yogurt or a smoothie. You won’t taste any CBD if you mix it with these food items. However, consuming CBD oil with food can slow down its effect.
  • Use a chaser. Wash down the CBD with a sip or two of your favorite beverage. It’s similar to biting into a lemon or lime after a shot of tequila. You “chase” the CBD flavor out of your mouth and replace it with something you like.

While mixing your CBD oil with a food or drink can make it more palatable, it can affect absorption and lessen the effect of CBD. So, if you go down this route, minimize how much you eat or drink. We’ll also share a tip about how to make your CBD oil taste better without compromising its effectiveness.

Try Gummies or Capsules

If you’re looking for convenience or you want to avoid the taste of CBD oil altogether, then consider trying CBD gummies or capsules.

CBD gummies are delicious, and we have yet to meet someone who didn’t enjoy snacking on a CBD gummy or two. And, because they’re small and low-calorie, they won’t inhibit the CBD’s effectiveness as the compounds go through your digestive tract before getting absorbed into your bloodstream.

CBD capsules are another option. You won’t taste any CBD at all since you’re swallowing a pill. We do recommend consuming a CBD capsule on an empty stomach so that the CBD can pass through your digestive tract more quickly and get fast-tracked into your body.


By knowing what to expect in terms of flavor when you buy CBD oil, you’re more likely to find a product you like. We do recommend trying both flavored and unflavored varieties to see which one you like best. You might surprise yourself!