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How to Mask The Taste of CBD Oil: 10 Ways to Make It Taste Better

How to Mask The Taste of CBD Oil: 10 Ways to Make It Taste Better

As people become more interested in the health benefits of CBD oil, they are discovering different ways to consume it. However, if the strong taste of CBD oil makes you turn your nose away from it, then you’re not alone. As a matter of fact, there’s a large group of people who dislike this taste.

But what if you don’t want to sacrifice the bioavailability oil and switch to gummies or capsules?

Is there any way to mask the taste of CBD oil?

There are plenty of them, frankly speaking.

Today we explore different options for making the consumption process more palatable.

What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

To mask the taste of CBD oil properly, it helps first determine the specific flavors that you don’t like about it.

CBD oil tastes very similar to other cannabis extracts, such as the high-THC oils from marijuana. The taste is earthy and leaves botanical notes on the palate for a few minutes after swallowing the oil.

But did you know that this flavor comes irrespective of the THC or CBD content? The flavor is usually noticeable in full-spectrum extracts containing terpenes, oils, and waxes from the plant on top of the CBD and other cannabinoids.

These compounds provide a very distinctive aroma and flavor. In fact, terpenes are the key players in influencing the fragrances of different cannabis strains.

If you’re using a full-spectrum CBD oil, you may want to mask its taste because the flavor will be earthy, musky, and a bit bitter. That is, of course, if you have an unflavored CBD oil. Some companies use natural or artificial flavorings to mask this botanical taste, but you’re introducing additional ingredients that your body needs to process.

Some CBD users choose capsules or edibles as an alternative to taking CBD oil, but this doesn’t entirely save the problem. Because capsules and edibles have lower bioavailability than oils, you actually need to use a larger amount to experience the same results.

CBD oil is more bioavailable because it doesn’t pass through the digestive system; instead, it uses a faster route of administration.

Here at Royal, we have a wide range of flavored full spectrum CBD Oil for you to choose from.

Why Do You Put CBD Oil Under the Tongue?

woman taking CBD oil

Because sublingual administration offers faster effects and better absorption.

When you take CBD oil, you measure out the desired amount with a dropper, transfer it under the tongue, and hold it there for up to 60 seconds before swallowing.

This way, CBD enters the bloodstream through a set of tiny capillaries in your mouth. Then, you can swish the oil with your tongue around the gums to increase the surface area of absorption. Sublingual CBD use helps maximize the amount of CBD that makes it into your cells.

That being said, it must be difficult to hold a botanical extract under the tongue whose taste you don’t like — even if it’s just as little as one minute.

So, what can you do to mask the overwhelming taste of CBD oil?

Here are a few tips.

10 Ways to Mask the Taste of CBD Oil

In this section, we provide 10 useful lifehacks that help you make your consumption of CBD oil more enjoyable.

1. Have a Snack at Hand

One of the most popular methods of masking the taste of CBD oil is by using food. First, grab your favorite snack and keep it close by. Then, when the time has come, you can take the oil and eat the food afterward to replace the earthy taste with something better. People commonly choose chocolate because even one square can do a good job masking full-spectrum CBD’s taste.

2. Pop Some Mint Drops or Chewing Gum

Mint is an aromatic herb, and its essential oils can pack a punch of refreshing flavors — which are perfect for masking the taste of CBD oil. All you need to do is use a mint, Tic Tac, or chewing gum after swallowing the tincture. You can also tuck the mint in your mouth at the same time you take the oil. This should dampen the earthy taste that people usually feel at the end.

3. Brush Your Teeth

If CBD oil is part of your morning or evening routine, consider brushing your teeth beforehand. This way, you will minimize the taste since your tongue will still have that minty flavors all over it.

4. Breathe Through the Nose

After applying the oil under your tongue, close your mouth and start breathing through the nose. While this isn’t the best way to mask the taste of CBD oil, it might allow you to experience lesser discomfort, as the air won’t be drawing over your tongue. You can even hold your nose because this can stop you from tasting altogether. Ever wondered why you couldn’t taste food when you’re sick? A blocked nose makes your taste receptors less sensitive to flavors, which is why this method might also work for masking the taste of hemp extracts.

5. Drink Something

This may sound like a dead giveaway, but you can keep a drink to wash away the taste of CBD oil as soon as you’ve swallowed it. Even water will help, but the more flavorful your drink, the higher the chances of successful masking. Many CBD users combine their oils with coffee and consider it a great option to get rid of the pine and earthy flavor. If coffee isn’t your thing, try lemon juice or a milkshake — both should do the trick.

6. Drop a Little Bit of Honey Under the Tongue

Bottle of CBD oil with a cannabis leaf and a bottle of honey

Honey is an invaluable sweetener, and it can work wonders when it comes to masking the taste of CBD oil. You can drop the liquid under your tongue along with the CBD oil so that the tongue can spot the nicer notes instead of unpleasant aromas. In addition, it only takes just a few drops, so you don’t have to worry about extra calories.

7. Try CBD Isolate

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the earthy taste is caused by the botanical compounds in hemps, such as terpenes, flavonoids, oils, and waxes. If you want a flavorless and odorless product, you can choose CBD isolate instead of full-spectrum CBD oil. This product contains pure CBD so that you won’t benefit from the additional compounds, but on the other hand, you won’t need to mask the taste of your CBD oil.

8. Make CBD Edibles with the Oil

While dropping CBD oil under your tongue provides the best absorption rates right next to vaping, making CBD edibles is a fun alternative for those who don’t mind lower bioavailability and delayed onset. CBD edibles will certainly taste better. Try adding a few CBD oil drops into a cookie base or mix it into your salad dressing.

9. Put CBD Oil in Yogurt

If you don’t mind taking CBD oil under the tongue, you can mask its taste with yogurt. Just swallow the oil down with yogurt, and its sour notes will get rid of the earthiness. Of course, you can also eat a spoonful right after you swallow the oil.

10. Order some Vcaps

Vcaps are a great way to take CBD oil if you want to mask its taste. In essence, these are just empty capsules that you can fill with CBD oil to take, just like a regular CBD capsule.

Again, this method will negatively impact the bioavailability of CBD, but on the other hand, it’s a surefire way of masking the taste of full-spectrum oil. And if you care for the environment and animals, Vcaps are a perfect choice because they are completely vegetarian.

Final Thoughts on Masking the Taste of CBD Oil

CBD oil is a versatile health supplement that can improve your quality of life in many ways. It offers the health benefits of cannabis without getting you high — and is legal in all 50 states. In addition, you don’t need a prescription to buy CBD oil; you can easily find it over the counter in organic health stores, pharmacies, head shops, vape shops, and specialty retail stores. CBD oil is also widely available online.

But, while CBD oil is a common choice among cannabis users, the taste can be a huge roadblock on your way to enjoying your supplementation. Considering this, you might be able to make the experience more pleasant by following our 10 steps for masking the taste of CBD oil.

Alternatively, you can choose other forms of CBD, such as capsules, gummies, or vape pens. At Royal CBD, we deliver the top-shelf quality of all CBD formats so that you can tailor your experience to your preferences and enjoy organic hemp extracts at reasonable prices.

Do you like the taste of CBD oil? What are your favorite ways to mask it?